Amazing Space Saving Furniture

The Locovan team have put together a few points on space saving and moving. A tedious process from houses or apartments to another. You think about the large furniture like your sofa, king-size bed or glass kitchen table. Put all of these together and you have a substantial conundrum that makes you think, can’t life be much simpler and easier?

Nowadays, furniture has become sophisticated to a point they are thoughtful and versatile with a smaller footprint, giving you greater space you might not have realised. And when it comes to it, moving doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. A medium size white van could help you move all your things, potentially even calling for one on demand as and when you decide to move.

Discovering such versatile space saving furniture is like finding the final screw for that bed frame you struggled to put together. To help, the team here at Locovan have listed our favourite space saving furniture below to give you a different perspective to think about.


Seater by Day, Peacekeeper by Night

If you’re limited on space need something to seat several friends and double up for an overnight stay, sofa beds are great space saving furniture to put in your living room. They may look like normal sofas but stretch out to provide a full double bed to sleep on with good comfort.

One that I like is the Diplomat Sleeper Sofa that is elegantly simple, but discreetly versatile to fold on itself as a queen-sized sleeper sofa.

The walnut legs add a contrasting accent to the Diplomat Sleeper Sofa, while colours such as brunette, coal, smog, or stone ensures a colour for all households.

Easy to use and easy to move, using a sofa bed gives you greater flexibility to house guests as well being easier to move in a van or when using a removal service in London.


Coffee Table with Substance

Having a table in your living room doesn’t need to mean big and obtrusive. Coffee tables are great complementary items in your living room with a very small footprint. Not only do they serve their purpose, allowing you to set down your cup of coffee on a coaster, but revealing additional storage space to keep your living room amenities from plain sight that’s still accessible.

How about extending outwards to create a raised surface that allows you to work on your laptop with ease. There’s no denying the freedom and flexibility in how you choose to enjoy your living space with this one.

If coffee tables aren’t your thing, then a wooden arm rest table for your sofa gives you just the thing to keep your drink balanced while watching a movie. Compact and minimal space required make this a versatile and thoughtful add-on that can easily fit in your car or man and van when moving.


Pod Productive

Building a place where you feel comfortable and productive away from the desk is an idea many would envy. This Studio Tilt OpenBook reading space brings the best of both with an accessible bookcase attached on one side, with a raised other side to keep you focused and not distracted. When it comes to those late-night readings or preparation for tomorrow, an arching light gives you everything in one place. The best of a bookcase, the best of an office, the best of a sofa. We could see ourselves using one of these. How about you?

Furniture goes a long way to make a place feel like home, especially the smart kind. These are just a select few of how space saving and thoughtful furniture can enrich your lifestyle, make you productive in an environment that takes you to your zen place, or simply make the most of the limited space you have. Never find you have to compromise between the furniture you like and the space you have. And when a time comes you need to haul all of your things to a new place, a man with a van will easily be able to move your things.

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