Make A List & Labels For Moving House

When you use a van house removal service, they don’t know what you have in your boxes unless you tell them. This can then lead to a damage of your items while those are loaded to the van as the driver will not know what is fragile etc.

Some of the house moving services are picking up things from multiple customers, especially when it comes to long distance budget moving. In this case it is essential to label boxes properly and also provide a list with detailed descriptions. This does not only helps the house movers, but also helps you when you are unpacking at the destination.

Use numbers to label your boxes

Each box should have its number. Don’t worry about the order, this numbering is then for the list you give the moving company and also for you. So it doesn’t matter that box number 1 is kitchen glassware and box number 2 is shirts. Each box should have its number written large enough to read it from distance of 3 meters and the number needs to be on every side of the box, even bottom and the top. The reason behind this is that as the boxes are rotated to fill the gaps in the van, no one needs to take them out or rotate around to see the number to understand what is in the box.

Label boxes with a simple label

This label should have the number as well. But most importantly it should tell roughly what is inside. The highlights. This helps you quickly remember while unpacking before searching for details in the list. It also tells the house moving company that the box contains e.g. plates. It is a good practice to have your address and phone number on the label too. Just in case some of your boxes makes it to another destination, which should never happen if you use service like Locovan.

Mark boxes containing fragile things

Mark them using different colour. Colour coding is simple to spot as long as you are consistent with the colours. We recommend your label to have number, short description and place to write Fragile or a large checkbox for fragile items.

Mark boxes which need to stay upside

There are some occasions where you cannot put some boxes upside down because of its content. Again, use different colour and mark it on the box label.

Weight the boxes

As you finish packing of each box, use scales to weight the box. Some of the moving companies charge per weight, but Locovan is one of those which does not take the weight in account. This also helps to understand what boxes should be put at the bottom of the van and what boxes can go up.

Create a list

Your list should be numbered as your boxes are. 2nd column is the same short description as on the box label, 3rd column is a checkbox if the box is fragile, 4th column is the this way up, 5th column is the box weight, 6th column is detailed description.

All those practices make your moving more smooth and with less issues. We here at Locovan really care about making your moving more easy. Next article will bring you the labels and list in PDF ready to download and print out.