Moving Home In Spring Or Summer?

Moving houses can be a real hard work and stressful for anybody, home movers have to worry about managing multiple quotes from removal companies,  packing safely their valuable belongings or arranging a van hire for the big day. 

Preparation and finding the right solution can be very time consuming and stressful, having a professional and instant on-demand van service would be beneficial to save time and money, whilst providing you options to have an extra hand when moving homes.

To make things a little easier, we have listed some of the key pro’s and con’s of moving in the spring or summer which can help make moving easier.

Moving in Spring
Spring is often the best season to consider selling or moving property. Why?

  • Family – the children can be at school and moving can be easier without the distractions!
  • Weather – mild temperature, good lighting can bring out the character in your home
  • You are more settled after the festive season which gives you more time to find the best property of your choice.
  • Your garden will be blooming, making your property look more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Buyers are more likely to house hunt in good weather 

Moving in Summer
Moving during summer is usually a hectic time for families and can be difficult. However, the days are typically longer and the weather can make moving a little more pleasant!

  • Nothing could be worse than moving in the bitter cold of winter.
  • Family – children will have more time to adjust in the new home during the summer break and maybe their new school.
  • Extra hours of daylight which gives you more time to move, unload the van and settle in.
  • Garage sale – getting rid of excess junk and making some extra cash whilst getting rid of your clutter.

Removal Rates?

Spring and Summer are mostly the peak times with removal and man and van companies. Weekends usually have the highest rates as it’s the busiest days of the week. If possible, try to arrange your removal services or man and van on weekdays to allow for a smoother moving experience.

Alternatively, if you are moving on a budget – Locovan provides you a van with a driver and you can save costs by loading and unloading the van by yourself. Taking the stress out of having to hiring, picking up and dropping off a hire van.

Of course, it is always safer to get the help of professionals, rather than friends and family, to avoid damages on your expensive or sentimental belongings. So, take the stress out of moving and avoid unplanned expenses by using a services such as Locovan.

Most frequent damaged items while moving
Moving your items from one house to another can often lead to damaged items unless you’re extremely careful. Glass and fragile items should be adequately padded and put into boxes, and your large items such as a sofa or dining table can easily be scratched or lose a leg in the moving process.

We have a listed some of the most commonly damaged items while moving houses, to help you better prepare for move.

  • Glassware – mirrors and frames are one of the most delicate and fragile. These items can shatter easily and prone to cause cuts and accidents. It is important to pack these carefully especially if using a van to move.
  • Furniture – it is advisable to dismantle any furniture and wrap them with either a blanket or any furniture wraps. It is tempting to move it without dismantling, however this is the most common cause of damage!
  • Sports Equipment – some sporting equipment are expensive or hard to replace. Always stick them together, carefully protected and place them in the corner of a car or a van. Try and avoid mixing them with boxes or glassware.
  • Plants – do not water your plants a day before your move. This will avoid any leaks or water damaged on your appliances.
  • Electronics – always try and keep your appliances’ original packaging to be able to move your appliance more secured and easier. If not, tv moving boxes, bubble wrap and securing with tape works just as well.